Entrepreneur, Author, Marketer, Speaker and Business Consultant

Darren is a self-made multi-millionaire and is a seasoned business executive entrepreneur, growth strategist, bestselling author & consultant.

Darren was the founder and International chairman of Mars Venus Coaching and Global Publishing Group two of the world’s most respected & leading brands, and is now the Director of global businesses such as Successful Growth Strategies and The Entrepreneurs Inner Circle.

He is also a board member of The International Institute of Hypnosis. Through his various enterprises he has had offices & outlets in over 11 countries including Australia, Rome, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, Thailand and North America.

He’s recognised as an expert in the fields of business development, internet marketing, sales & marketing, executive mentoring, franchising, International Publishing, self-development, and accelerated psychological transformation.

He is the author of many bestselling books such as “Millionaires & Billionaires Secrets Revealed,” “Top Franchise CEOs Secrets Revealed”, “The 10 Day Turnaround,” “The Success Principles” and “The World’s Leading Internet Marketers Secrets Revealed” just to name a few and he was the marketing genius behind developing the expansion of the Mars Venus Brand, now in 150 countries, with the books having been translated into 54 languages and generating over a billion dollars in sales.

For more than 25 years, Darren has taught internationally, speaking to and motivating thousands of people in over 27 countries on how to create business, personal and financial success.

Darren’s appearances on many television programs plus articles published in newspapers and magazines nationally and internationally, have made him a sought after speaker & consultant on the international stage.

Darren has also lectured at University on business management and marketing. He is a master of psychological transformation. He is a board certified Hypnotist, Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP ) trainer and is qualified in Design Human Engineering & Time Line Therapy. He’s also been recognised as one of the World’s Fastest Hypnotists.

Darren has been acknowledged for his humanitarian philanthropic endeavors helping children and families in need.

He is also a fellow diplomat of the American Board of Hypnotherapy and the National Guild of Hypnotists, former member of the Franchise Council of Australia, National Speakers Association and is the founder of the prestigious Entrepreneurs Business School.

He lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife, Jackie and their 7 children.